Melaleuca...The Wellness Company

No Ordinary Company

Melaleuca is one of the largest catalog and online wellness retailers in North America with more than a million customers shopping with Melaleuca every month.

Melaleuca's Mission

Melaleuca's mission is to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.  The desire to be happy and to be well in every aspect of life.  That's what makes Melaleuca different.  Melaleuca is The Wellness Company, and by wellness, they mean complete wellness.

Total Wellness In Four Distinct But Connected Areas

Your Health, Your Environment, Your Finances and Your Quality of Life.

Helping People Reach Their Goals

It's a lofty ambition; helping people reach their goals.  Not something an ordinary company cares all that much about.  Then again, Melaleuca is anything but ordinary.

Pamela's Potions & Melaleuca

Pamela's Potions shares Melaleuca's vision of helping people attain optimum health.  

100% Pure Essential Oils by Melaleuca

Essential oils are simply the oils found naturally in all parts of plants.  They are commonly extracted from their plant source by either steam distillation or a cold-press process. The resulting highly concentrated oil maintains the natural essence of the plant and is guaranteed not to contain any synthetics or impurities.  Melaleuca Pure Essential Oils meet the most stringent quality specifications and are put through a battery of quality tests.

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